Funkturm Public Relations Berlin

Wir können nicht ALLES (selbst), aber machen (fast) ALLES möglich!

Mutual Co-Operation Desired?  

What we are...

FunkTurm Public Relations is a multi market PR agency based in Berlin, Germany, specialized in tourism industry, technology and finance. We take care of every issue targeting the customer’s company image. We consider it importantly, not only reporting a positive perception of company, product or services in general, but to also generating economic success.  Our goal is to increase the image as well as the client´s turnover.

How we do...

FunkTurm Public Relations was founded in 2015 and is developing continually and steadily.

In the 2nd year in business the agency achieved a further increase in turnover of 20 %.

FunkTurm Public Relations today is a stable PR agency with four specialists as permanent staff and four freelancers.


FunkTurm Public Relations offers development of integrated or modular brand building concepts and communication mixes in all media channels (print, online, TV, radio). Please see topic: "LEISTUNGEN".

 Classic press activities with press releases, press mailings, generation of articles in target group-segmented media, product placements, media relations, media co-operations as well as video productions.

Kooperation zum gegenseitigen Vorteil gesucht oder gewünscht?

 Wir sind eine gewachsene PR-Agentur mit...

 We are a grown PR agency with...

...eigenen Ressourcen, eigenem Netzwerk & eigenem Equipment.

 ...own resources, own network and own equipment.

 Wir können nicht ALLES, aber fast Alles möglich machen!

 We can not perform everything yourself, but do anything possible.

Wir, das sind:                                                                                                                                             We are:

 ·        Udo von Sahr, Dipl.-Ing.(TU), Managing PR-Director

·         Iris Bertani, Fotojournalistin, PR-Assistant

·         Mike Marose, Dipl.-Kfm. für intl. Mgmt., Media Relations Manager

·        Tamer El Sharkawy, Kamerateam Ägypten & Videoproduktion


Unsere Stärken sind:                                                                                  Our competences & strengths is:

 1.     Verbindung von unabhängigem Journalismus mit Marketing & Entertainment (Infotainment)

2.      Programmgestaltung, Künstlerbuchung & Eventmanagement

3.      Image-Kampagnen

4.      TV-  & Radio-Produktionen

5.      D/A/CH - Sendernetzwerk mit 140 lokalen TV-Stationen

 6.    Foto-Dokumentationen & Video Footage von Veranstaltungen und Reisen

 Air Race @ Lausitzring                                                                            Foto by Iris Bertani